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VFX in a Medieval World

A behind the scene video showing the visual effects behind the short film Judgment Tavern.


Judgment Tavern was VFX supervised by John Strang and his team from Dusk. There was some complex camera moves and blending of shots that kept them on their toes when it came to compositing. 

Overall there were around 50 vfx shots as well as the intro title graphic that they designed and animated. 

Watch the video to see how they did it.


See the short film Judgment Tavern here.

Judgment Tavern tells the story of Lucia, a young girl carrying her father's living head as they search for his fleeing body.

On a cold dark night, they take shelter in a small village tavern - where a mysterious stranger with unfinished business is waiting.


Written by

Useful Media

1 Nov 2016

We love producing creative content and gravitate toward Māori, comedy and female-led projects. We create our own documentary projects and are interested in local documentaries with heart.